Business sector is marked by a continuous competition between economic players. The main drivers of evolution are multinational companies, which trigger an ongoing process of innovation through constant adaptation. In business environment the borders between countries do not impose so many restrictions anymore. This is due to the globalization process. Therefore, companies around the globe have started to compete in advancements. Usually, these advancements are technological. While technology is key in the process of evolution, there are also other segments which drive innovation at a company’s level. The current paper addresses the topic of innovation in business environment, with focus on multinational companies in consumer goods industry. The study aims to pinpoint the level of innovation in the first ten consumer goods MNCs (Multinational Companies) of the year 2022. Documentary research is at the base of the methodology. For this research the authors used public information from the official websites of the analysed companies, conducting a descriptive analysis and a comparative analysis. Read more
innovation, product innovation, process innovation, marketing innovation, organizational innovation, consumer goods