The importance to integrate principles of social responsibility has also penetrated the field of marketing. The paper focuses on the topic of cause-related marketing (CrM), an innovative tool of corporate social responsibility (CSR), that allows for a balance between the company´s interest, consumer satisfaction, and the long-term prosperity of society as well. The main aim is to examine consumers´ perceptions of using cause-related marketing as a part of the socially responsible activities of companies in Slovakia. This aim is preceded by a partial aim – to examine the consumers´ perception of socially responsible companies in general. The selected results of the pilot questionnaire survey are presented. The obtained data from a sample of 415 respondents were evaluated by selected statistical methods (Chi-Square, Spearman´s correlation coefficient). Generally, consumers positively perceive the importance of socially responsible behavior of companies. According to research results, CSR is a differentiation point on market, when socially responsible companies are perceived as more trustworthy and attractive than competitors. Engagement in cause-related marketing is relatively high when almost 80 % of the respondents indicated that they have already participated in a campaign of this type. On the other hand, skepticism towards CrM exists. Research results indicated that CrM can create a competitive advantage for companies that adopt it and help enhance better image and reputation of a socially responsible company. Read more
corporate social responsibility (CSR), cause-related marketing (CrM), consumers, perception, Slovakia

M31, M39, M14