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Vol. 6 Issue 1 - 6/2014
A Scoring Tool for Websites – A Case of Sustainable Organizations
This paper introduces a scoring tool to analyse company sustainability marketing efforts. We identify the expected scores for the companies selected on Corporate Responsibility Magazine’s list of 100 Best Corporate Citizens of the year. The scoring tool is based on the aspects of sustainability and website quality and is divided into three categories: a) user friendly, b) transparency, and c) content. The automation of the scoring tool benefits from a sustainability taxonomy to extract and evaluate the sustainability concepts and efforts mentioned by the companies. The tool scores the selected companies websites to determine the extent and quality of a company’s marketing of sustainability efforts. The result of applying the scoring tool shows that all companies in the list scored 8 to 14 in the user friendly section.  In the transparency section, they scored 5 to 7, and in the content section they scored 6 to 10. Read more
benchmarking, sustainability, website analysis, marketing, scoring

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Studies and researches
Vol. 6 Issue 2 - 12/2014
The Cross-Roads to Digital: Newspaper Models and the Change to an Industry
The slow growth in online marketing revenue for newspapers and the industry’s development of online models has not been enough to stop the industry’s pending demise. This problem has arisen from the increased access to free and more recent content on the internet, supplying the consumers with their demand for news. Due to the abundant information available on the internet, consumers are used to having the information they want almost instantly. Newspapers are only one of many suppliers for this demand. The industry’s focus centres on whether they can they keep up with the rapid pace of demand for information and maintain a profitable organization. This paper first analyzes the current research trends, and the different industry business models. The paper then identifies the key attributes of the industry business models. The paper finally validates that the identified attributes can be used to predict the potential success of the newly introduced business models in the industry. Read more
business model, news industry, e-commerce, newspaper, digital revenue

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