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Vol. 4 Issue 2 - 12/2012
Impact of the Qualitative and Quantitative Aspects of Human Activity on the Ecosystem: Demonstration through the Use of Ecological Footprint Approach
This article aims to show that the impact of human activities on the ecosystem, measured by the Ecological Footprint, depends on the   qualitative and quantitative aspects of the population. Indeed, we confirmed our hypothesis by an empirical analysis on Tunisia, where it was revealed that the increase in its Ecological Footprint, is attributed mainly to massive consumption of goods, bad land management by building horizontal, and to a lesser extent, to the presence of polluting employments. The results suggest the adoption of targeted policies, according to the specific characteristics of population. Read more
ecological footprint, biocapacity, qualitative effect, quantitative effect, environment, Tunisia

C13, Q26, Q51
Vol. 5 Issue 1 - 6/2013
Local regulation between formal and informal institutions: Analysis by application to the case of the town of Ksar-Hellal (Tunisia)
This article was removed as a result of the infringement of the copyright agreement by author. Read more

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