Strategic management of SMEs is perceived as crucial backbone of their business, as it impacts their business models and internal processes all the way up to digital innovation measured by the level of digital maturity. How do the strategic management factors influence the digital maturity? Through quantitative analysis of 76 questionnaires collected from SMEs in the Czech Republic, the research data was collected and statistically tested. Results imply that strategic management factors affect the level of digital maturity. This paper contributes to prior literature by practical implementation of modified digital maturity model and by addressing the correlation of strategic management factors and the level of digital maturity. Limitations springing from sample’s site and environment are addressed and discussion on the results is conducted. Author proposes a conclusion that strategic management factors can be perceived as a driver of digital transformation, emphasizing the need for future research and practical discussion. Read more
strategic management, digital transformation, digital maturity, strategic management factors, SME

O10, M15