The article focuses on the current, urgent, and much discussed global issue of climate change, the impacts of which are expansive and involve a wide range of expertise. The base forms the evaluation of a sample of European Union member states using the quantification of threats and intensity of two key factors. The main objective of this article is to evaluate EU countries the INFORM assessment tool and to highlight the link between the effects of climate change (environmental, social, and economical) as quantified by respective threats posed by emission volume and poverty. In the present research, we relied on the new INFORM Risk Index assessment indicator because it represents a completely new but also globally applicable, reliable, and transparent tool to understand the risk of humanitarian crises and disasters. The significant results of the performed quantitative analysis suggest that security risk, poverty, and pollution levels operate as closely linked areas. It can be expected that recent changes (the COVID-19 pandemic, state of war) will mean that these influences will increase in severity. Read more
climate change, environment, national economy, poverty, emissions

F01, Q56, Q01