Art influences our lives and society. The forms acquired by art have evolved, making art a part of our everyday life. Before the second half of the 19th century, music and stories could only be heard live and seldom, but today it is difficult to imagine a day without them. With the increasing complexity of art forms, the complexity of artwork acquisition decision-making process has also increased. Personal choice is influenced by factors like the availability of artworks, the relationship between intermediaries and art producers, the economic and cultural contexts. This paper analyses the selection criteria of artworks from the perspective of art consumers. The analysed data were obtained through a survey with two waves carried out in the period preceding the COVID-19 pandemic and during the pandemic. The results show that the most important criterion in choosing an artwork is the subjective connexion that is created between the consumer and the artwork, and that this connexion is defined mainly by the emotions and feelings the artwork generates. Read more
artwork, decision-making, artwork acquisition, coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

M31, A13