The paper focuses through a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research on two age layers of Generation Y, unveiling important aspects about consumer behaviour constructs. Equal samples of 30 individuals in the qualitative study and 800 individuals in the quantitative one from Romania and South Africa were researched to explain the intention to return to a foreign destination based on the overall holiday experience and tourism motivation. The qualitative research was used to generate and tailor a battery of motivational variables to be used as independent variables in the quantitative study in logistic regression approaches for both countries. The findings display interesting realities about what Romanian and South African Generation Y individuals’ (between 20- and 29-years old) value and desire when choosing a foreign tourism destination. Also, the proposed model can be easily replicated in other parts of the world or for other generational groups. Read more
Generation Y, tourism, intention to return, holiday experience, motivation

M31, D12, Z32