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Studies and researches
Vol. 7 Issue 1 - 6/2015
Model for Determining the Optimum Location for Performance Improvement in Supply-Chain Strategies

The economic crisis which started in 2007 has caused damaging effects to most international companies. In several EU countries, foreign investments decreased and international companies closed or relocated production and/or distribution centres, due to cost reduction measures. This paper is aiming to demonstrate that applying a performant solution in defining the supply chain strategy can be a low cost process, which can generate positive effects on the sales and revenues. The research objective is to present a concrete solution for redesigning the supply chain, in order to achieve the optimal delivery strategy. The solution implies the use of mathematic methods, for determining the optimum location for placing a central warehouse, in a geographic region. The use of an optimum delivery strategy leads to lower depositing and transport costs, which generates positive effects on sales, by offering more competitive prices on products. The main contribution of the author is the development of a model, used to identify the optimal location for placing a central warehouse.

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supply chain strategy, optimum location, informatics solution, mathematical optimization

L23, M11, L25
Studies and researches
Vol. 8 Issue 2 - 12/2016
Strategies for Internationalization of Romanian SMEs. Focus on the European Market
The theoretical part of this paper is focused on presenting the main strategies of internationalization that can be used by SMEs in order to diversify their markets and enhance their profitability. The empirical research is aimed at presenting and analysing statistics regarding the performance of Romanian SMEs in relation to the average of overall EU SMEs. The purpose of this paper is to analyse the activity and performance of Romanian SMEs in relation with SMEs from other European countries. A set of concrete recommendations are formulated for creating a better economic and legal environment for small and medium enterprises from Romania that have set the objective of extending on other European markets or are in the process of internationalization of their business. Read more
Small and medium enterprise (SME), Romania, European market, internationalization

F23, D21, L21
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