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Vol. 4 Issue 2 - 12/2012
Usage of the European Funds for Agricultural and Countryside Development in Romanian Rural Areas
This paper aims to analyze the absorption of European funds designed for agriculture and rural space by Romania and one of its regions, in the context of integration in the European Union. The research was based on information collected within statistical surveys conducted at the national level and information collected by the county’s institutions. The results emphasis the absorption of the European Union founded programmes designed to support agriculture, with reference to the research area and identify the factors which influenced the reduced absorption rate. Some measures to be implemented in order increase the European funds in rural area were developed. Read more
European funds, agriculture, rural development, funds absorption

R11, O11
Studies and researches
Vol. 5 Issue 1 - 6/2013
The Use of New Technologies for the Collection of Statistical Information in Romania
Web based information collection becomes important for statistical analysis, because of the offered advantages and by the information technology progress. The paper analyzes web based information collection organization and implementation at national level and discusses the validity by using different data sources, such as survey online portal implemented by National Institute of Statistics description and functionality, legal framework existing web-surveys, security issues, and new technologies. The research will contribute to the theoretical foundation of web-based statistical information collection, identifies the stakeholders and each category advantages. Read more
online information collection, web-survey, statistical research, national framework

B23, C81, C88
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