CHD triad – capitalism, human and digitalization is considered as critically important aspect of the inflow of foreign direct investments. Synergy of systemic, human, and technological factors established within CHD triad redefined the pattern of foreign direct investments. Nowadays, they are not created solely by the international investors, but rather developed in interaction of the investors with governments and the local population. Knowing the ability of fake news to influence human attitudes and behavior, the aim of the research was to analyze whether fake news can annulate the positive impact of three key aspects of CHD triad and negatively influence the efforts of the countries related to the FDI attraction. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the existence of key elements of CHD triad, as well as existence and impact of the fake news, were analyzed on the sample of the European countries with the above average percentage of FDI contribution to their total gross domestic product. Based on the document analysis, it has not been identified that fake news has relevant impact on the FDIs inflow, if all pillars of CHD triad are at place within the country that attempts to attract foreign direct investments.
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), CHD triad, fake news, digital economy, political system
F21, F23, D83