This research aims to find out the opinion of the experts in fighting against organized cross border crime regarding the scale of this phenomenon in Romania. The paper pursued the following research objectives: the scale of the phenomenon of organized cross-border crime in Romania, the vulnerabilities induced by the phenomenon in Romania, what are the factors that influence the development of organized cross-border crime, what are the necessary legislative changes to combat the phenomenon and to help the well-functioning of the competent institutions and what can be done to strength the institutional cooperation for combating organized cross-border crime. In order to achieve these objectives, a qualitative research was conducted on a panel of experts, employed in Romanian institutions responsible for preventing and combating this phenomenon. The research findings show that the characteristics of the phenomenon of organized cross-border crime are constantly changing and launch permanent challenges for both Romania's security and its economic development.
organized crime, organized cross-border crime, Romania, panel of experts, economic development
F01, N40, C89, O17