This research makes an in-depth assessment of the underdevelopment conditions in the African continent. It reveals the extent of suffering in Africa, despite enormous resources across the entire region. The challenges before many of the African countries regarding development are not just those of structural, micro-economic or macro-economic indices, but mainly such as considerably caused by some African people. A careful analysis of the prevailing and ongoing situation in African societies reveals that a lot of economic failures are elicited by human factors and not by environmental, location or the absence of resources. The research uses the African continent as the case study and assesses the socioeconomic impediments to the continent’s development. The research uses secondary data to assess the situation and drew the conclusion that Africa must shelve such human based impediments in order to foster accelerated economic development.
African countries, underdevelopment, economic development, resources, socioeconomic impediments
O10, O20, O55