This paper positions interdisciplinarity as an integral feature of contemporary scientific research, stressing its role and the necessity to overcome possible barriers related to organizational and institutional constraints, team integration imperatives or disciplinary boundaries. At the same time, the study makes an inventory of European and Romanian opportunities in interdisciplinary research, especially under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research. As a case study, the paper introduces the interdisciplinary project carried out by Constantin Brancoveanu University in Pitesti to draw Pitesti City Development Strategy for 2007-2013. All disciplines involved are presented through their interactions in the project, with a special attention given to repeated and constant attractions between specializations. The final conclusion is that Management plays a core role in any type of interdisciplinary project, acting as facilitator of teams’ integration. Therefore, interdisciplinarity could work only where the practice of collaboration is nourished by the leader of the team, using specialized managerial integration tools.

interdisciplinarity, team integration, research projects
A1, O3, Y8, Z1