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Studies and researches
Vol. 12 Issue 2 - 12/2020
Dreams and the Personal Experience of Colonial Servants: Towards a Structured Understanding of Colonial Anxiety

This article examines the concept of colonial anxiety, drawing attention to the inherent problem with the topic that is the lack of definition. It is argued that an interdisciplinary debate is necessary in order to more accurately define the nature of how it may be applied and understood. This study has used personal histories, viewed through the prism of dream content and Lacanian schematics, in order to argue for a more structured approach to colonial anxiety and the rehabilitation of personal histories into postcolonial discussions. This is in line with the recent growth in interest in such histories, and points to the usefulness of such research. This study uses through epistolary examination to identify signifiers of anxiety in the dreams of two colonial servants: Warren Hastings, Governor-General of India (1772-85) and Alexander Hall, factor at Sumatra (1751-64). These have further been contextualised with the concept of desire to add greater depth to the discussion of colonial anxiety.

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Colonial anxiety, colonial service, postcolonial studies, interdisciplinary histories, personal histories

Studies and researches
Vol. 12 Issue 2 - 12/2020
“Stomach's Always Going to Catch Up with You”: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Emotional Eating

Although mainly identified as the propensity for overeating in response to negative feelings, emotional eating still remains a poorly defined construct. Based on Lovejoy and other scholars’ holistic world view, the current study presents a brief analysis of emotional eating from an interdisciplinary perspective: psychology, nutrition, willpower and self-control, literature, cultural studies, macroeconomics, consumer behaviour, behavioural economics and neurosciences, behavioural-change theories, game theory and mathematics. While each area of interest will approach the topic differently, putting together all these views can open a pathway towards comprehensive studies and meta-analyses that could help solve the intricate puzzle of weight gain and poor health in connection with emotional eating. Since the purpose of any research is ultimately to serve life and benefit humankind, the current study proposes to demonstrate indirectly that sciences and humanities can provide together a bird’s eye view of such a complex phenomenon as emotional eating.

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Kazuo Ishiguro, emotional eating, behavioural economics, game theory, globalisation

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