The comprehension of economic aggregates at the spatial level is important because it allows knowing the characteristics of each geographic region. This know-how allows governments to develop the most appropriate economic and fiscal policies in order to achieve an equilibrium between populations and territories. Thus, the estimates of the economic activity's concentration in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that we developed are based on aggregated data from the national system of economic statistics which are based on an administratively determined geographical area scale. However, for other countries like France, national statistical institutes provide disaggregated data on economic activities based on quadratic scales with distances of approximately 50 meters. In addition to the difference in the aggregation of data, any comparison has become obsolete due to the evolution of the statistical information systems of each country towards the production of economic data related to the territory according to the spatial unit defined by employment, shuttle bus or other factors. It’s therefore appropriate to note that our concentration measurements are derived from aggregated data on economic activities in a spatial dimension defined by the administrative areas of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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spatial concentration, specialization, economic integration

P35, P47, R12